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Thank You, we have crossed 100 new subscribers in a week

Dear Subscribers,

Greeting to all of you and wishing all, a very happy new year 2021 to you and your family members. We will pray for all to have safe health and great wealth in the new year.

We started this journey on 25th Dec 2020, and happy to share with you that with your great encouragement and selfless love, we have got approximately the first 100 subscribers.

Now it is time to introduce ourselves in public.

We are a private limited company registered with the company of registrar under MCA, India, named "CROIX ROUGE BUSINESS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED", for research advisory services, financial planning, and portfolio management services.

Basically, we are not in education, but we have given thought that what if, before giving any advice, we will first educate you about the basics of financial tools, which can give you a good handsome second passive income, where you should not really need to be present physically.

Well, any financial instrument, subject to investment, having its own financial risk, but if you know that how can you hedge the risk, it is easy for you to take an independent decision.

You are advised to book a free 15 minutes discussion with our team to understand how can you be benefited from our financial instrument products.

Please send us an email at, or call us on the given number on the Facebook page or published on the website, and our representative will book a slot for you.

Further, you can book yourself an appointment from Facebook also, with one click of the "Book Now" button.

Subscribe to us to receive our expert advice for Daily Market Outlook. Instead of Nifty50 Index only, we will be going to cover more in-depth information about other financial instruments and their future outlook going further.

Point to be noted:

  1. We do not have any other branch anywhere in the world.

  2. We never ask you to send us money.

  3. You will handle your own financial account, with our help, so please ignore any request asking for transferring any money from our side

  4. Our service charges will be applicable only, once you start earning from our training or benefited from our services or advice.

  5. For portfolio management services, we will schedule a separate slot for discussion.

For more information, please visit our website

An online chat facility is also available for all of you from our website.

This is just the beginning. The sky is the limit, with your love and affection.

Thank you for your time.

Always yours

For CRB Private Limted

Neeraj Bhatia

(Managing Director)

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