Reasons why should download the Pi mobile app

Here are the reason:

1. If You still have serious FOMO over not jumping into the Bitcoin phase. Ten years ago, that one crazy friend keep bugging you about downloading this shady “bitcoin” mining desktop app on your computer and you brushed your bro off.

2. If You are that one crazy tech evangelist in your friend group. You don’t mind being ridiculed if things burst — it’s the joy to jump on early that excites you.

3. Like the base mining rate of Bitcoin, early adopters will earn more coins per hour than those who join later.

The pi coin on my app calls you “pioneers” who will earn at about 0.8 pie/hr rate, while by the time it hit 1 million, the rate is halved. At around 10 million to 100 million users, the Pi network will stop accepting new members for minting.

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

Pi Network (PI) Mining Step by Step Guide How to mine PI? Follow the steps below and get your coins.

Step 1. Download Pi Network app here.

Step 2. Sign up with Facebook or phone number.

Step 3. Set up your password

Step 4. Fill in your profile details. Make sure you provide your real name. Then continue with the country and phone number.

Step 5. Enter the invitation code (SENEERAJ)

Step 6. Congratulations, you have just signed up. Then tap the lightning icon on the right.

To prove that you are a real person, not a bot, you need to go to the application every day. The cryptocurrency will be credited within 24 hours, after which you need to activate Pi Network mining again. If it is very hard to keep everything in your mind, turn the notifications on.

Step 7. Make a small tour with the Pi mining app. Now you are ready to mine PI. After signing up, every user receives 1 PI. For sure, Pi Network is a great experiment in the world of digital money. If the Pi team keeps developing the project, it will be a great evolution in the crypto sphere.

Pi is a new social cryptocurrency that is protected and supported by everyday people. Developed by a team of Ph.D. and graduates from Stanford University,

Pi can be easily mined on smartphones without any expensive devices, or battery consumption. The main idea is to create an inclusive online ecosystem, where ordinary people can mine digital coins.

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Neeraj Bhatia

Managing Director

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