Pi Coins - similar to Bitcoin - A new digital currency


Please check Pi coin is growing like Bitcoin.

Pi coin is a new next multi-bagger digital cryptocurrency like Bitcoin developed by Stanford university PhDs Scientists, with over 25 plus million members worldwide.

It is also the fastest-growing digital currency and once launched will be the world s largest P2P.

You too can mine your Pi coin which is free right now as it can be mined on a mobile phone and it does not use the internet nor battery for mining.

You will bless me one day as it will make you rich without any investment.

You have only another two months left to earn free coins on your mobile phone. Come and mine before it is too late.

Just download Pi network from Google Play Store or iPhone AppStore and use invitation code seneeraj to sign up and you will get 1 Pi coin in your digital wallet.

You just need to restart your mining session after every 24 hours once your mining session expires which will take just 5 seconds per day.

Maximum we can mine up to Dec 2021 because developers have planned to launch it in December this year.

So, accumulate as many Pi Coins before it stops. After the launch wait for the right time to sell or hold as long as you wish.

Investment Value:

The best part is that Investment is Zero with no risk. Your actual investment is only 5 seconds per day till December 2021.

For Example: To win a Jackpot you need to buy a lottery ticket but here you don t need to buy anything as Investment will be Zero (0) and earning is unlimited dollars.

So, here are the steps to start

1. Download Pi Network App from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

2. After installing the app, log in with your Facebook or phone number.

3. Create the password and remember it for the future.

4. Fill your name correctly as per the government-issued identity card because KYC verification will be done when it will be launched in trading exchange, then you can start selling your coins that are earned free.

5. Create a username and click submit.

6. Finally, you will be asked to fill invitation code which is seneeraj, and click submit.

7. Start earning free Pi currency as you do not want to miss out on anything available free now.

I suggest do not miss a single day

Thanks for Reading.

Stay Safe and Happy Mining !!


Neeraj Bhatia

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